Ultra-Precision Machining (UPM)

Unlike conventional machining, ultra-precision machining can handle difficult-to-cut materials and emerging materials with incredible tolerances and surface quality. It opens new opportunities to various industries by allowing full 3-D feature generation less than 100s nanometer form accuracy and single/sub nanometer surface quality. Feasibility of unrealistic machining quality removes typical machining challenges, which leads to a new manufacturing paradigm called MFD (Manufacturing for Design).

Manufacturing for Design (MFD)


Manufacturing for Design (MFD) is a new manufacturing paradigm that enables industry and academia to design products with any possible materials, any features and shapes, and wide range of technical specifications. In other words, MFD is to provide an extreme design tool by removing all the constraints and limitations of manufacturing including material selection, feature design, tolerance, etc. This new paradigm will offer new business opportunity, innovative product concept, and creative economy.

Sustainable Smart Manufacturing (SSM)

Manufacturing is responsible for almost 45% of total energy consumption in the US and similar portion in other countries. Machine energy consumption accounts for big portion of 45% and thus understanding how machine tools consume energy helps to minimize energy consumption by design optimization of the machine tools, strategic operation control, energy balance on production line, and energy footprint and control of supply chain. Monitoring and control of horizontal and vertical integration of total manufacturing infra can be achieved by IIOT (Industrial Internet of Thing) with similar manufacturing paradigm called smart manufacturing, digital manufacturing, and industry 4.0.