Influence of Process Parameters on Accuracy of Microfeatures by Micromachining

Micromachining is a preferable fabrication method for tooling such as a micromold, rather than as a direct method of mass production. For tool fabrication, the precision of machining should receive much more attention than aspects such as productivity, efficiency, and economics. The accuracy of microfeatures on the microtooling for scalable manufacturing dictates quality of mass produced products. Therefore, in this study, influence of process parameters such as cutting speed and feed rate on accuracy of microfeatures was investigated in terms of dimensional accuracy and edge quality. In micromachining, various factors contribute to dimensional errors. Among many, setting up the reference point is a critical factor in the dimensional accuracy and is a challenging task. Endpoint detection using a wireless acoustic emission sensor was tried and compared with results from a dynamometer. Preliminary results using acoustic emission sensor showed better performance for setting up the reference point for micromachining