Micro Cutting of Ferrous Materials Using Diamond Tool with Carbon Particle Additive and Ionized Coolant

Author(s): Akihiro Inada, Sangkee Min, and Hitoshi Ohmori


Publication: Proceedings of 4th CIRP HPC


Citation: Proceedings of 4th CIRP HPC, Gifu, Japan, Vol. 1, pp. 99-104, October 24-26, 2010.

A new coolant for micro cutting of ferrous materials using a diamond tool was proposed. The effects of the new coolant (ion-shot coolant) which consists of ionized coolant and carbon particles on two steel materials, a high carbon chromium steel and a pre-hardened mold steel were investigated. Also mechanism of the ion-shot cutting was discussed by the observation on material structure at the primary shear zone and frictional coefficient between diamond tool and ferrous material. The ion-shot coolant showed great potential for the used of the diamond tool on ferrous material in terms of tool wear and surface quality.