Modeling of an Energy-Flexible Production Control with SysML

Author(s): Eric Unterberger, Urs Hofmann, Sangkee Min, Johannes Glasschröder, Gunther Reinharta


Publication: 51st CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems


Citation: Procedia CIRP, Vol. 72, pp. 432-437, 51st CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems, Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre, Stockholm, Sweden, May 16-18, 2018.

Rising and fluctuating energy prices, an increasing scarcity of fossil fuels and a high demand of electrical energy make industrial companies search for environmental friendly and sustainable solutions. Companies are interested to use renewable energies at their production site or to support the increase of renewable energy systems by adapting their energy consumption to the volatile energy supply. For these companies it is necessary to adapt their energy demand to the available and fluctuating energy supply. Therefore, energy storages, energy flexible machines and smart controls are needed. To realize smart control, electrical energy must be included into production planning and control as resource. The aim of this paper is to model an energy flexible production control by using the modeling language SysML.