Study of Material Removal Behavior on R-plane of Sapphire during Ultra-Precision Machining based on Modified Slip-Fracture Model

Author(s): Suk Bum Kwon, Aditya Nagaraj, Hae-Sung Yoon, Sangkee Min


Publication: Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering


Citation: Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering, Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 141-155, 2020.

In this paper, the modified slip/fracture activation model has been used in order to understand the mechanism of ductile-brittle transition on the R-plane of sapphire during ultra-precision machining by reflecting direction of resultant force. Anisotropic characteristics of crack morphology and ductility of machining depending on cutting direction were explained in detail with modified fracture cleavage and plastic deformation parameters. Through the analysis, it was concluded that crack morphologies were mainly determined by the interaction of multiple fracture systems activated while, critical depth of cut was determined by the dominant plastic deformation parameter. In addition to this, by using proportionality relationship between magnitude of resultant force and depth of cut in the ductile region, an empirical model for critical depth of cut was developed.