Sangjin wins KSEA/KOSEN poster award

Sangjin Maeng, a Ph.D. candidate in MIN Lab. won the KSEA/KOSEN poster award at US-Korea Conference(UKC) 2019 held at Chicago, IL, the USA at August 14-17, 2019. He presented “Ultra-precision machining of tungsten carbide using patterned PCD tools” in a poster session.


Tungsten carbide (WC) is widely used in industrial applications for molds, mechanical parts, and medical parts.  Diamond is one of the promised tools used for machining due to its superior hardness. Despite its hardness, the diamond tool still experiences severe tool wear in the machining of WC. Texturing on the surface of a tool is an effective method to improve the machining performance and decrease the tool wear. This research proposes a patterned diamond tool to improve performance in the machining of WC. The patterned diamond tool was fabricated with a Focused Ion Beam (FIB) and experiments were conducted to validate the effect of the patterns on the machining performance.



Authors gratefully acknowledge the financial support and the donation of the ROBONANO α-0iB from the FANUC Co., Japan, and Sumitomo Co., Japan for the donation of PCD tools.